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Michael Knight in the Morning! 
6 -10am Weekdays 
michael knight.jpg

Alpena’s newest voice is that of Michael Knight. Michael brings over 30 years’ of radio experience to the Alpena airwaves. Hailing originally from Texas, Michael has spent the past 15 years working internationally in places like Guam and the Philippines. Michael is married to wife, Emily, and is dad to 6 kids, all grown and scattered across the globe. In his free time, Michael likes to engage in outdoor activities, especially golfing and hiking. He’s known to take a bike ride or two as well. Following a recent DNA search that shows cultural ties to the area, Michael hopes to learn to enjoy some wintertime activities, which will be an entirely new experience. Michael is looking forward to waking up northeastern Michigan with Good Time Oldies on 105.7, The Bird!


6:35am M-F: Comedy Chirp (tune in for Michael's joke of the day)

7:25am M-F: Bird Brain Trivia (the easiest trivia contest in the world) 

8:25am M-F: Back Rockwards (guess the tune played backwards to win) 

Middays with Freddi Sparxx! 
10am -2pm Weekdays 

Born in northern Michigan, raised in south Florida, Freddi returned to the Alpena area where he and his wife, Roxanne, raise their 3 children.

As a professional musician, he's toured the country , and has been signed to multiple record labels.

Catch him middays, Monday through Friday, 10am to 2pm  

Afternoons with Rich Nadeau! 
2pm -7pm Weekdays 
Rich Bird.jpg

Rich was born and raised in the downriver area. Zug Island was his playground. At the age of 7 his parents told him he was adopted. He said he always suspected and asked if he could meet my real parents. They said, "we are your real parents, your new ones will be here in 5 minutes to pick you up". Some of his best childhood memories are cruising down to Sterling State Park in his Dad’s 1965 Chevy Biscayne while listening to Honey Radio. The Bird is a dream come true for him. This IS HIS MUSIC!

He moved to Northern Michigan about 30 years ago and never looked back. He has 3 children and 6 grandchildren. He and his wife and currently live in their dream home with our 2 fur babies Bella and Anna. He looks forward to many years of playing good time oldies and hopes you will join him from 2 til 7 Monday thru Friday.

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